Secure Archiving Solution

For long-term and active archive storage, Assureon is the safest, most secure and cost-effective way to protect critical data customers won・t access every day. With automatic, policy-based data transfer from your customer・s NAS devices, it ensures total compliance, protects against data loss from ransomware attacks, and offers rock-solid litigation support. Markets that are highly regulated and where compliance is a requirement are a great fit for the Assureon product. With Assureon, your customer gets the ultimate peace of mind.



Unified Storage Enterprise Sync

Synchronize files of any size to multiple branches or remote offices using encrypted transport over standard internet connections. WAN-optimization built in makes synchronizing large files fast. Local users enjoy higher availability and LAN speeds when working on projects - dramatically improving productivity.

Users can work anywhere and experience the ease of sync and share with mobile, web and desktop access without the security vulnerabilities of keeping confidential information in a public cloud. Data is safeguarded under the control of IT with no need for VPN, managed file transfer software, or monthly costs for public cloud services.



Searchable Object Storage

The Media and Entertainment industry is at the forefront of the shift to all-digital workflows. IT now must manage all content from primary to archives and everything in between. To deliver a great End-User experience while reducing IT infrastructure complexity and costs, Caringo Swarm is a good solution that combines massively scalable storage with direct HTTP access to radically simplify the content storage and delivery infrastructure while reducing costs. Swarm transforms commodity servers into a massively scalable storage platform that automatically balances storage within the system, as well as automatically replicates hot content to ensure rapid delivery. IT can continuously evolve hardware to benefit from advancements in hardware performance, power consumption and costs - all while guaranteeing content integrity and access for as long as your data has value.



Optimize Filers and Streamline Backup & Recovery

Caringo FileFly simplifies and automates unstructured data movement from where it is first stored to Swarm. It requires no application changes or modifications, and plugs directly inot the market・s most popular file servers by Microsoft (Windows) and NetApp (both 7 and C-mode). FileFly has three primary policy-based automated file movement/transfer modes.

1. Replicates the files from their place of origin and stores them in the Swarm object store.

2. Moves the files from their primary location to the Swarm object sotre and leaves a stub that makes it appear as if the file is still there.

3. Removes the files or the stubs entirely from the filer and archives them on the Swarm object store.

Caringo Swarm then automatically makes those files and unstructured data directly searchable or available analysis.



State-of-Art Medical Imaging Solution

Caringo is 100% compatible with NTFS, SMB, NFS, Amazon S3 or HTTP protocols, so it works with your existing IT infrastructure and medical applications with no changes required for either the applications or the users. Store and retrieve medical images including MRIs, X-rays, CT scans and photographs safely and cost-effectively on Caringo Storage, or use Caringo FileFly to continuously offload any NetAppR filers or WindowsR File Servers that are housing medical images today, freeing up their capacity, improving performance, and saving money while eliminating excessively long backup windows.



Endpoint and Remote Server Backup

CTERA Backup is a comprehensive data protection solution for laptops, workstations and remote servers. It provides both direct-to-cloud and appliance-based hybrid modes that optimize recovery times and performance, with fully centralized remote management.

CTERA Backup can be deployed as a fully private, behind-the-firewall solution in your datacenter, or as a virtual private・ solution leveraging scalable public cloud infrastructure - always allowing you to retain complete control and ownership of your data.



Private Enterprise File Sync & Share

CTERA EFSS is a private, secure, and vendor-neutral solution for file sharing. It gives end-users the ability to synchronize files and folders across all devices and in remote offices, with easy-to-use file sharing and workspaces for team collaboration. CTERA EFSS can be deployed as a fully private, behind-the-firewall solution in your datacenter, or as a virtual private・ solution leveraging scalable public cloud infrastructure - always allowing you to retain complete control and ownership of your data.



In-Cloud and Cross-Cloud Data Protection

CTERA Cloud Server Backup provides enterprises and service providers a comprehensive solution for data protection that powers a new era of hybrid cloud services and IT-as-a-Service delivery. With CTERA Cloud Server Backup organizations can protect any number of virtual servers, across any cloud infrastructure, to replace cumbersome and siloed traditional backup solutions that fail to meet the evolving requirements of software-defined cloud operations. CTERA・s multi-tenant, scalable data protection platform is a critical component of a modern hybrid cloud computing strategy.