Secure Archiving Solution



Unified Storage with EFSS

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High Density Storage

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High Density Storage

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Secure Archive Storage

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Caringo Swarm

Caringo leverags a purpose-built clustering architecture that transforms standard hardware into a reliable and searchable pool of scalable storage that unifies data silos and simultaneously handles mixed-use cases with a single deployment. Swarm provides a platform for data protection, management, organization and search at massive scale.

Caringo SwarmNFS

Caringo SwarmNFS is the first lightweight file protocol converter to bring the benefits of scale-out object storage ˇV including built-in data protection, high-availability, and powerful metadata ˇV to NFSv4. SwarmNFS is a stateless Linux process that integrates directly with Caringo Swarm and is deployable on any Linus server or virtual machine (VM) running CentOS 7.x. SwarmNFS turns any Swarm object storage environment into fully distributed NFSv4 solution.

Caringo FileFly

FileFly for Swarm is the only solution you need for complete, automated file lifecycle management ˇV from creation to preservation. Working with both NetApp and Windows filers, FileFly simplifies the transition of your data from NAS to Swarmˇ¦s simple, bulletproof, limitless storage. You select the level of ffile data movement based on your business requirements and reap the benefits of increased data protection, seamless and transparent file backup, and smart provisioning of primary storage. Once on Swarm, your data is continuously protected. You can scale to hundreds of petabytes on the standard hardware of your choice, reducing storage TCO 4x versus primary NAS.


CTERA has revolutionized data protection and storage for SMBs and enterprise branch offices with its CTERA Cloud Attached StorageR, a solution that combines cloud storage services with on-premises appliances in an all-in-one solution for backup and recovery, shared storage and file-based collaboration.

The first company to introduce cloud storage gateway appliances, CTERA provides a scalable cloud enablement and service delivery platform to enable SMBs and enterprise to easily deliver managed cloud storage services to their users using the public or private cloud (hybrid cloud) backend infrastructure of their choice.

CTERA's cloud storage platform is a highly scalable, comprehensive, secure and interoperable system. It comprises cloud-side service delivery and management software, on-premises cloud storage gateway appliances, managed end-point agents for servers, laptops and mobile devices ˇV all with a unified management interface.

This hybrid cloud/on-premises architecture seamlessly combines LAN-speed access with the elasticity, accessibility and resilience of the cloud. CTERA offers native integration with cloud storage infrastructure from multiple vendors, ensuring fast service ramp-up and reduced operational cost.



Scality RING

Simply scales to hundreds of petabytes and billions of objects while also linearly scaling performance. Serves 80% of applications and storage workloads, eliminating silos. Designed for 100% uptime and durability, reducing overhead and improving service levels. Software-based and runs on standard x86 servers, increasing flexibility and introducing cloud economics.



OpenStack is an excellent infrastructure choice for VDI because it combines open source hypervisors and an open source management layer with enterprise-ready installation framework that enables businesses to really lower their cost to build out VDI.




provides the only digital infrastructure performance monitoring solution engineered for Speed at Scale for the worldˇ¦s most demanding service-delivery environments. The patented SevOne Cluster? architecture leverages distributed computing to monitor any device in the service-delivery path, integrating performance metrics, flows and logs at scale, and providing answers in seconds to prevent performance-impacting outages.

Performance Appliance Solution (PAS)

The SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (PAS) provides deep collection of infrastructure metrics while integrating them with flow, log and end user experience data into a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Performance Log Appliance (PLA)

Move beyond traditional log search, into real-time troubleshooting of log data at scale. The SevOne Performance Log Appliance (PLA) analyzes terabytes of log data daily in real-time. And when integrated with the SevOne Platform, logs and performance events are correlated, thereby eliminating the need for search in your process.

Dedicated NetFlow Collector (DNC)

The SevOne Dedicated NetFlow Collector (DNC) provides deep collection of infrastructure flows with insights into application traffic behavior to quickly make decisions on how to best prioritize traffic, plan capacity expansion and create policies to improve application performance.